The Hotel reserves the right to refuse accommodation or entrance to the property, cancel or modify existing reservations, in its sole discretion if the Hotel determines that Guests (or any accompanied members or invitees) are displaying symptoms of Covid-19 thus creating risks to other Guests and Staff of the Hotel. We ask Guests upon arrival and during their stay to allow body temperature measurements and will discretely monitor for Symptoms. If Guests prior their check-in are showing any COVID-19 symptoms they will be requested to present a negative test (max 72 hours). Test need to be presented to the Doctor of the Hotel and be accepted for its validity. Alternatively, Guests will be asked to be tested immediately and closely follow instruction of the doctor, Local Authorities and the staff. Same applies for registered Guests. Guests need to cover in full all their testing and medical expenses. Thus, we strongly suggest our Guests prior their trip to check if travel insurance covers COVID-19.

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We strongly recommend completing registration documents prior to your arrival to speed up check-in process.

We may also email registration documents to prior to your arrival.

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Mobile application for electronic check-in/ out is available.

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Covid19 Test

You can arrange your Covid19 Test before departure at the Hotel. To book your test please contact or Dr. Sokratis Tiliakos at