Quality Policy


Best Western Plaza Hotel has developed innovative methods to minimize environmental impact and optimise natural resource management. The last renovation project included an energy efficiency analysis and we are proud to announce that we are currently preparing our application in order to be awarded the Europen Eco – Label (known as The Flower).

All water is heated in solar boilers while a special insulation material on the roof collects the heat produced by all hotel actvities and sends it back to the central hot water circulation. In cloudy days and when the water does not reach the desired temperature, extra heating is provided by new generation, efficient electric pumps instead of standard gas heaters. No fossil fuel is burnt in any stage of the procedure. All used oil from the kitchen is collected and sent to be recycled as biodiesel. Batteries are handled by a partner company specialising in battery recycling.

We have excluded from our supply chain all products with bulky packaging, especially plastics and non – recyclable materials. The water collected from the last rinse is filtered and used in the next pre – wash. We are also the first to introduce an innovative environmentally – friendly pool water clening technology that uses ionisation and oxidation instead of chloride and leaves a crystal – clear, safe and odour – free swimming pool to be enjoyed any hour of the day.


We always try hard to offer the best quality in our services following a guest – centred approach. Our record is one of achievement as we have passed all Best Western service & facilities quality controls with a very high score. The Preferred Code of Practice of the Federation of Tour Operators is integrated and implemented in our Quality Policy and we have developed a quick response system to be in line with our guests needs.

We believe that the best way to assure that our tradition of excellence will continue is the on – going education of all hotel stuff and the flow of information. This is why we run each year a continuing education programme and we follow an open – doors policy. We strongly encourage our guests to feel free to talk to us and make any suggestions they believe could make our services even better.

Health & Safety

We have developed an integrated Health & Safety checkpoints procedure according to the HACCP protocol and we expect to obtain the official certification before the end of the summer.

Our Water Quality Management and Protection from Legionella Scheme consists of continuous on – site monitoring, regular resystematic sampling and laboratory examinations in collaboration with certified chemical labs. We also control all stages of food preparation and kitchen hygiene and we collaborate with health advisors to assure water supply quality.

All our staff is being involved in our Health & Safety projects to ensure that all the procedures are well understood and implemented.

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