The Old Rhodes Town

Pilgrimage of the Medieval Walled Town of Rhodes!

The town is protected by UNESCO and the Greek Archeological Ministry as a gift to next generations. The reason for all this attention it is not only its beauty that attracts millions of visitors every year. It is the unique mixture of influences of yesterday and today, and the fact that is the largest living medieval town in Europe. The following program or checklist of places/events, was created by the staff of Plaza to lead visitors in a journey through time and bring them closer to the myths and history of the Medieval Town.

Exploration: Walk through the maze of narrow alleyways, under gateways and colonnades, next to graceful minarets and rickety balconies, through squares and obscure courtyards, next to impregnable walls and Byzantine Churches.

Rodos Archeological Museum which is housed in 15th century Hospital of the Knights of St. John.

Palace of the Grand Masters or Kastello, is build at the highest point of the city at the end of the Street of the Knights, and it is the most imposing building.

The Byzantine Museum is hosted inside the church of the Virgin of the Castle, one of the most majestic buildings in the medieval town of Rodos. Since 1988, Byzantine and post-Byzantine paintings and antiquities are on display.

Municipal Art Gallery represents one of the most significant collections of the Modern Greek Painting in Greece, hosting a total of 690 exhibits. The nearby Museum of Decorative Arts, is a representative collection of traditional costumes, utensils, tools and furniture.

The Rodian House: Visitors will find a trully traditional two-floor Rodian house (19th century).

Ancient Rodos: 2400 YEARS EXHIBITION: The Exhibition is part of the celebration of the 2400th anniversary of the foundation of the City of Rodos in 408/7 BC.

Rodos from the 4th bc to 1522 Ac Exhibition: Chronically, it covers the period from Christian times to the capture of Rodos by the Ottoman Turks in 1522.

Tour around the walls: The fortification of Rodos reflects the development of military architecture. The visitor can walk in the fortifications, the moat and the walls, the towers and bastions, and seek memories of sieges and battles.

Excursions to Medieval Castles and Fortresses: Visiting the castles enables you to gain a complete picture of the impact of the Knights of Saint John on the Island. Combine such a visit with Village Party.

Lindos: “Lindos is its rock” It rises 116m from the landscape of Lindos and it is surrounded by the sea. The Acropolis was used as a fortress in antiquity, as well as in Byzantine times, in the period of the Knights of St. John and in that of Ottoman rule. The fortification of Lindos by the Knights goes back to the 14th c AD and the Acropolis has the Knights Administrative Building.

The tracks and roads of the Knights – Churches & Monasteries: Through a long and turbulent history, the church on Rodos has been at the heart of Society. The buildings, many from the 13th and 14th Century, or earlier, are a manifestation of history and the society of the times. The Architectural styles are unique.