It is known that one of the purposes of the Museum of modern Greek art of the municipality of Rhodes, are among others the support and promotion of local artists, along with the promotion and advancement of the pictorial art in all ages and social strata of Rhodian society.  In this context, entitled “Color dialogues”, we organize for the 9th consecutive year the Club’s exhibition Visual Dodekanisou (ACA), new wing of Nestorideioy Melathroy.  Will be exhibited works by 50 artists and members of the ACA.  We believe that this event will be the most important cultural event of the winter as it is important to meet and “debate” so artists under the same roof. Projects that are expected to outperform this year is the 150 paintings, art photography, painting, mosaics, stained glass, sculpture, egkaystikis, installations and digital art.

The exhibition will take place on Friday 19 December at 8 pm and will run until 14/2/2015.  Tel. 2241036646